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Health trend will drive UK juice market


Friday February 13 2009


FRUIT juices will be the fastest and one of the largest segments of the UK soft drinks market, according to a new report by market research company, RNCOS.

The rising number of juice bars (on trade), new product innovation, changing consumer behaviour and a preference for healthy drinks and a healthy lifestyle will also boost fruit juice consumption in the UK, says the UK Health Drinks Market report.

According to an analyst at RNCOS: "The ongoing recession will not affect the consumption of fruit juices in the UK much and the consumption growth will only fall marginally in the next 8-10 months.

The market will maintain healthy growth momentum on the back of changing consumer preference.

"It is anticipated that the demand for economical private label products and in-house developed products in supermarkets and hypermarkets will rise, compared with premium and branded products, as consumers will try to maintain their fruit juice intake level.

"Despite a shift in preference and a slight slowdown in growth, fruit juices will remain an important segment of the health drinks market and continue to drive the industry growth."



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