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The Associtrus is the association that unites, supports, represents, advises and provides technical and legal support to citrus growers in Brazil. The Associtrus is part of a significant segment of agribusiness - the citrus industry - which, unfortunately, in recent decades, it distributes its wealth unevenly depending on the concentration of wealth in the hands of the industrial sector. The Associtrus wants to rescue the harmony of citrus sector , which contributed greatly to the creation of jobs, income and social advances in several municipalities in the country. Aware that the sum of forces will be able to recover and keep the citrus industry, the Associtrus needs you, citrus farmer, to make the countryside and cities will grow back in a sustainable manner. Your participation is essential if the combination proves its representation in the government and industries. To gather and represent the citrus, defending their rights and interests over the public spheres, in all administrative and judicial levels, and providing technical assistance in order to contribute to the economic and social development of its members is part of the mission of Associtrus . With an active board, the association strives to disseminate to its members the latest industry information and directing them to the closing of contracts and / or other needs. Be part of the family Associtrus . Join us and upholds your rights!


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