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Citrus Australia calls for more testing on juice

Monday January 16 2012

CITRUS Australia has called on the Australian government to increase testing on imported citrus juice following the detection of the fungicide Carbendazim in juice imported to the US from Brazil.

Judith Damiani, chief executive of the organisation, which works on behalf of Australian citrus growers, said in a statement that the fungicide was withdrawn from use in the Australian citrus industry over two years ago.

Citrus Australia recognises that the level of Carbendazim detected by the US Food and Drug Administration was far below the maximum residue level, but holds it necessary for the Australian authorities to tighten their controls.

"In Australia over 300 000 tonnes of oranges are imported every year in the form of cheap Brazilian orange juice concentrate. We call on the Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service to immediately increase testing of all imported citrus juice for chemicals banned in Australia," Damiani said.


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