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Welcome to Associtrus news section. Here you will find the latest news about citrus growing in Brazil. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us through our e-mail: associtrus@mdbrasil.com.br.

23/01/2010 -  Further delay to Brazilian cartel trial.
11/12/2009 -  Brazilian orange juice firm receives more financial aid
11/12/2009 -  Anti-trust team not eligible to vote
01/12/2009 -  Coca-Cola packaging redesign spearheads global strategy
01/12/2009 -  Regular cola drinking linked to diabetes in pregnancy, says study
06/11/2009 -  Commission tackles food price transparency and fair practices
30/09/2009 -  Coke, Bottler Launching Campaign Against Soda Tax
25/09/2009 -  ENCERRAMENTO SAFRA 2008
16/09/2009 -  Brazilian juice manufacturer acquired
27/07/2009 -  La consommation de jus de fruits en France multipli?e par plus de 8,5 en 30 ans
21/07/2009 -  Port of Tampa OKs building of 8 orange juice storage tanks
21/07/2009 -  Port of Tampa to tear down Harborside cold storage warehouse
10/07/2009 -  Orange growers ask government for cash aid
11/09/2009 -  Florida citrus industry fights Brazil over dumping issues
20/05/2009 -  Growers Press Brazil Over Juice 'Dumping'
07/05/2009 -  Growers petition on juice dumping Fla. citrus group files claim against Brazilian processor
07/05/2009 -  Citrosuco - Company fined in accidental death
09/04/2009 -  Louis Dreyfus Buys Brazil's Santelisa Stake - Source
08/04/2009 -  Brazil Orange Farmers Acquire Zest for Sugar Cane
08/04/2009 -  Louis Dreyfus Buys Brazil's...
28/03/2009 -  FPA quer apresentar C?digo Ambiental at? maio
19/03/2009 -  Mercury Stays Above Forecast Levels
25/02/2009 -  Brazil Produces 80% of the World's Orange Juice; to Dominate Market in Years to Come
22/02/2009 -  Brazil Orange Farmers Acquire Zest for Sugar Cane
22/02/2009 -  Emerging Nations to Keep Brazil Oranges in Black
20/02/2009 -  Health trend will drive UK juice market
05/02/2009 -  Orange Juice Futures Rise on Cold Scare
05/02/2009 -  ICE FCOJ Review: Rallies As Traders Increase Freeze Premium
26/01/2009 -  Florida freeze threatens orange, blueberry crops
10/10/2008 -  Large FCOJ inventory should hold down orange juice price
05/09/2008 -  Cutrale to make orange juice in Portugal
15/08/2008 -  Lower Estimate for Orange Crop
15/08/2008 -  Up But Pares Gains On Commodity Weakness
14/08/2008 -  Proposed Tax Would Create Revenue For Research
14/08/2008 -  Proposed Tax Would Create Revenue For Research
15/07/2008 -  Juice Processing Site May Keep Operating
15/07/2008 -  Cargill Juice North America
10/07/2008 -  ICE FCOJ Rallies On Speculative Buying
04/06/2008 -  Enthusiastic reception for new US Farm Bill
16/04/2008 -  Mosaic Rises as Surging Prices Help Boost Profit (Update2)
14/04/2008 -  Citrus Agency Will Fight Greening
05/04/2008 -  Pepsi Buys Russia's Lebedyansky Juice for $1.4 Bln.
07/03/2008 -  PepsiCo to Launch Higher-End Tropicana Juices
06/02/2008 -  El grupo Coinbra-Frutesp, citado por fraude
16/01/2008 -  Brazil Produces 80% of the World's Orange Juice; to Dominate Market in Years to Come.

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