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Greater orange juice transparency demanded

Tuesday March 05 2013 Food News

A RECENT debate about the size of Brazilian FCOJ stocks has prompted Congressman Antonio Carlos Mendes Thame to petition the country's minister of agriculture Mendes Ribeiro Filho for more transparency in the sector, on 27 February.

The lower congressional house approved Thame's petition with four questions, including a demand for information on the precise motives why authorities stopped publishing official citrus harvest estimates in recent years and a timetable for future official harvest estimates.

Furthermore, the congressman wants Brazilian federal authorities to conduct an audit to verify data on [juice] stocks, production and sales in the past three years, to ascertain whether available information is correct and whether stocks financed in the past two years were maintained.

The third demand concerns information about the beneficiaries of the premium for outflow of citrus production (PEP) and equalising premium paid to growers (PEPRO), including names of beneficiaries, purchasing companies, volumes of acquired fruit and value per box.

Finally, Thame wants the ministry to ensure that brokerage houses make public - prior to the next citrus fruit auction - a list of auction participants, with unit values and total sales [to the juice industry] in the relevant period, names of buyers and numbers of fiscal notes that prove such sales of fruit to industry.

Author: Vladimir Pekic


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