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Welcome to Associtrus news section. Here you will find the latest news about citrus growing in Brazil. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us through our e-mail: associtrus@mdbrasil.com.br.

13/01/2016 -  USDA-FL-CITRUS - (Relat?rio do servi?o nacional de estat?sticas agr?colas)
27/01/2015 -  One way to beat a bug thats destroying Floridas citrus? Get them high.
21/11/2014 -  Cooperative s New Program Offering Growers Cash to Plant More Trees
10/10/2014 -  USDA-FL-CITRUS - (Relat?rio do servi?o nacional de estat?sticas agr?colas)
13/01/2014 -   Estimativa de Safra USDA
13/12/2013 -  Estimativa de safra na Florida
11/11/2013 -  Nothing sweet about it media brief oxfam
16/09/2013 -  Can Drinking Orange Juice Aid in Cancer Prevention?
23/08/2013 -  Associtrus tries to halt citrus processors dominance
27/06/2013 -  CITRUS SEMI-ANNUAL - S?o Paulo ATO - Brazil - 6/18/2013
27/05/2013 -  Coke Plans Major Expansion Of Fla. Orange Groves
27/05/2013 -  Coke plans to lead industry in planting new citrus groves
24/05/2013 -  Coke Plans Major Expansion Of Fla. Orange Groves
13/05/2013 -  Growing Groves: Coca-Cola Funds 25,000 Acres of New Orange Trees in Florida
09/05/2013 -  Coca-Cola to invest US$2B in Florida citrus
20/03/2013 -  Entrevista com o presidente da Associtrus, Fl?vio Viegas. Revista Foodnews. Vol. 41, NR.08 ? 22 February 2013. Ver pag. 03
05/03/2013 -  Greater orange juice transparency demanded
29/11/2012 -  Anti-trust regulator says brake on Consecitrus is merely temporary
30/07/2012 -  Citrus Semi-Annual S?o Paulo ATO Brazil
26/03/2012 -  Outlook for Global Beverage Industry
09/04/2012 -  The US stopped drinking 46 000 tonnes of juice during 2010-11
21/03/2012 -  Goldman Sachs Has Friends In High Places
13/02/2012 -  The great orange juice farce
30/01/2012 -  U.S. detains Brazil, Canada orange juice for fungicide
30/01/2012 -  EU Juice Industry on Notice for Fungicide in OJ Imports
23/01/2012 -  FDA yet to find any trace of carbendazim in orange juice
19/01/2012 -  Citrus Australia calls for more testing on juice
17/01/2012 -  Citrus Australia Calls for Increased Testing of Imported Juice
13/01/2012 -  Australian orange growers benefit from fungicide fears
13/01/2012 -  Brazil citrus depends on U.S.-banned fungicide -experts
11/01/2012 -  FDA Testing Orange Juice Imports for Carbendazim, Notifies Industry
12/12/2011 -  Farmers now need to eat meat; farmers also need Karaoke. They need more money. They are not planting apples for fun
24/10/2011 -  Juice drives Coke Femsa volume growth
11/08/2011 -  Breaking News on Food & Beverage Development ? Europe - Dairy industry hit by ?50m price-fixing fine
11/08/2011 -  Breaking News on Food & Beverage Development - Europe - Cargill and ABF-owned firm accused of manipulating wheat market
21/07/2011 -  Associtrus
05/05/2011 -  Brazils citrus industry closes ranks over new orange crop
01/04/2011 -  Floridas Citrus Industry in the 21 st Century
24/03/2011 -  Brazilian unified citrus group jeopardised by disagreements
24/01/2011 -  Is Brazil ready for the reality and competition of fuels of the second and third generation? "Are they Opportunity or Threat?"
30/11/2010 -  Brazil orange juice giants squeeze small farmers
12/08/2010 -  Beverage, confectionery makers respond to Child Nutrition Act
15/07/2010 -  Juice makers optimistic despite dip in consumption
05/07/2010 -  Taxing Caloric Sweetened Beverages: Potential Effects on Beverage Consumption, Calorie Intake, and Obesity
17/05/2010 -  REMEMORANDO: Votorantim to sell citrus processor

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